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Mortgage Contingency Clauses

For those looking forward to the bankruptcy column regularly appearing in these pages, not to worry: Bankruptcy will return. Due to increasing demand, this column will begin discussing other legal topics. This week: real estate. First, we will examine fundamental real estate...
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With the rise of app-based ride services such as Lyft and Uber, many taxi medallion owners have seen dramatic declines in their business. A taxi medallion is essentially the license issued by the Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) that permits taxi cabs...
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Can A Debt Really Survive Bankruptcy?

As explained last week, there are two primary exceptions where an individual who fi les for bankruptcy (i.e., a debtor), will not be able to discharge his debts in bankruptcy. This week’s article, the second installment of our creditors’ rights series, will...
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I Am A Creditor. Does This Mean I Lose?

While our prior articles have focused on debtors’ rights in bankruptcy, this week we will shift focus to creditors. I am frequently asked the same question by clients, friends, family members, and neighbors alike: If someone owes me money and then fi...
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Is The Automatic Stay Really Automatic?

The automatic stay is unquestionably the most powerful tool of bankruptcy. In plain English, it means that the instant your bankruptcy petition is fi led with the court a stay will automatically go into effect, and all collection efforts taken against you...
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